Psychic Readings 101

A "psychic reading" is the term used for a meeting between a psychic and client designed to answer questions about the client's past, present, or future. Psychics use a variety of methods to conduct readings, and each psychic has his or her own preference. Common methods include Tarot cards, crystal balls, tea leaves, and astrological charts. My preferred tools are the Tarot cards and sometimes a crystal ball.

When a client calls or visits me for a psychic reading, I begin by getting the client's name and birthday. Then I ask whether the client is concerned about a particular problem. The vast majority of them relate to love and relationships. Sometimes the client will just want a general reading, which doesn't focus on a particular issue.

While the client describes the situation, I shuffle my deck of Tarot cards. Discussing the issue while shuffling the cards allows them to fall into the right order for each client. As I talk to the client, I pull cards from my Tarot deck and interpret their meanings. Based on what the cards say, I ask follow-up questions or share insights.

Occasionally I experience what I call a "psychic flash" in which I see a picture in my mind that sheds light on the issue being raised by my client. Sometimes the flash comes in the form of being able to understand, or channel, another person's thoughts. This is particularly helpful because when we know what another person is thinking, we know how to deal with that person. Sometimes the flash is a picture of a person, place, or thing that pops into my mind. For instance, a client of mine recently asked if her boyfriend was cheating. I saw a sudden image of a pretty blond woman. The client had her answer. It turned out to be her guy's ex-girlfriend who had come back to town.

The example of the blond woman brings us to the unfortunate fact that the results of a psychic reading aren't always what a client wants to hear. Please understand that I believe in love, but sometimes love with a particular person isn't meant to be. Or, as I like to say, it's not in the (Tarot) cards. Those situations are painful, but the fact is that when you don't get what you want, it's because a higher power is either trying to protect you from something that isn't good for you or steer you toward something better down the road. So if I may borrow a cliche, don't look at "bad" news as a door closing, but instead I hope you'll look for where that breeze is coming from, because somewhere a window just slid open.

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Disclaimer: Psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only. Please seek appropriate professional advice from a doctor, lawyer, financial planner, etc. when the situation warrants it. You must be 18 or older to call.