I Saw Your Future and He's Not It: A Psychic's Guide to True Love

Book Cover

by Louise Helene

with Kim Osborn Sullivan

Coming from Llewellyn Publishing January 2013

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How does my guy feel about me? Is there another woman? Could he be “the one”? The answers to love’s toughest questions may be in your own heart. This utterly unique book empowers women to take control of their love lives by tapping into their own intuition.

Psychic Louise Helene, who has advised women on matters of the heart for thirty years, shares powerful lessons and wisdom with the rest of us. True stories from her consultations—hilarious misunderstandings, painful mistakes, and true connections—highlight how intuition can guide you through the toughest relationship problems. Through simple exercises, you’ll learn how to develop your own psychic edge to navigate the murky waters of love and romance.

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